• Students Supported by NEDO

    NEDO’s objective is to help all Nepalese children to attend the universal primary education by 2015. NEDO has the same goal as the United Nation’s MDG’s giving opportunity of education for all Nepalese. NEDO also vows to develop Scholarship Scheme for university students to foster the leaders for government, corporations and social development.

  • A better educated generation, a better future for our nation

NEDO's Advisors and Directors
NEDO's advisor late Dr. Prof Kawakita Jiro Magasasy Award winner at the center & late Dr.Harka Gurung with NEDO's founding directors.
NEDO members with Dr. Harka Gurung and Mrs Gurung.
NEDO members with head of "Imanishigumi" and reknown Japanese mountaineer Mr. Imanihi Toshio who climbed mountain Mamaslu in 1956.