• Students Supported by NEDO

    NEDO’s objective is to help all Nepalese children to attend the universal primary education by 2015. NEDO has the same goal as the United Nation’s MDG’s giving opportunity of education for all Nepalese. NEDO also vows to develop Scholarship Scheme for university students to foster the leaders for government, corporations and social development.

  • A better educated generation, a better future for our nation

Projects for 2013

1. Book donation projects for establishing library at various schools.
2. Paulownia tree plantation (reforestation) project at Kakani and Helambu.
3. Model school project for the various communities in central Nepal.
4. Photovoltaic light distribution project.

Seeking partners for the new projects: Any individual, party or organization are welcome to use NEDO Platform for developing their own projects relating to education, environment and community development with NEDO. The interested party should send their proposals. This helps those parties interested in Nepal to optimize NEDO’s logistics, human resources and expertise reducing substantially their transaction cost.